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CRM – Find a retail system that grows with you

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

he Retail world is all about the customer, therefore Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key business driver for success. CRM software features enable retailers to: track customer activity in & outside the store and create deeper, emotional relationships with repeat buyers

What you should expect of a good CRM system

  • Efficiency – Automation of most cumbersome tasks; seamless integration with your existing systems and quick implementation

  • Customer retention – Regular contact across channels with your customers and conversion into loyal customers regardless of the type of interaction; 360 view of customer behavior across all activated channels, clienteling, intelligent cross-selling and up-selling

  • Increased margins – Able to offer more of what your customers want, leading to increased sales and fewer purchases of unsold inventory

  • Evolutive software – Capacity to cope with latest technological trends: social media, omichannel, IOT, connected apps, etc.

The latest point is where most of retailers fail – any digital agency can build an affordable home-made software but may not be able to ensure sustainability cost and of ownership. Nowadays, cloud based solutions are a good options to keep up with innovation Here are some trending considerations to help you take your CRM investment decision:

Most importantly, your CRM software should cover your full customer journey:

BEFORE the sale, attract visitors and drive traffic with targeted marketing activities, personal communications around products, services, events and prepare for upcoming visits by reviewing customer profiles

DURING Maximize the data gathered while face-to-face with the customer. Collect preferences, lifestyle information, wish lists, and more. Provide intelligent product recommendations, up-sell and cross-sell and personal offers. Look up history, sizing and verify contact information

AFTER Keep the relationship active by sending thank you e-mails or letters, confirming deliveries and following up on replenishment items