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Retailer’s Top 10 Demands for Retail Analytics

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Retailers are in the midst of a transformation journey – technology has opened doors to new interaction channels – technology has become affordable to implement and it is sustainable for the long term with cloud services

When asked about their immediate needs for Retail Analytics; these are the top 6:

Smart Decision-Making

An easy to understand Customer and Inventory analytics helping to engage with profitable customers and suppliers

Reduced Cost

Reduce IT spending by empowering users to create reports in a simple drag-and-drop user interface

Efficiency Gain

Get the right customer behavior insights to improve operational efficiency

Mobile Freedom

Quickly monitor business KPIs with ease, from anywhere and on any mobile device

Actionable Dashboards

Ready to use best-in-retail dashboards – customizable, easy to understand and role specific

Omni-Channel powered

Easy linking to any Omni-channel data source

The future of Retail Analytics is evolving at fast pace – when asked about the near future needs, these are the top 4 requirements retailers expect that their current system can cope with:

  • Internet of Things – capturing consumer behaviors through beacons, RFID, WiFi based sensors

  • Big Data Architecture and Predictive Analytics – easy to implement, single view

  • OmniChannel Data Integration – one data holistic view: commerce-channel, supply chain and customer

  • Robots and Artificial Intelligence – serving as new data touchpoints, gathering vital information about customer behaviors, and interactions that companies can eventually leverage

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